How To Help Us


  • Make a commitment: sponsor an individual student for at least 6 months = $300.US
  • Write to your sponsored student to encourage and assist their English language learning


  • Organize fund raising event for our school, existing or new organizations welcome!
  • Sponsor / encourage others to sponsor prayers and pujas for late beloved relatives


  • Volunteer here on-site, for a 5 month commitment, April to August, for room and board
  • Teachers, office managers, vegetable planters / gardeners, technical / other skills needed
  • As volunteers, receive our appreciation, continuing friendship, personal contact, news


  • As an off-site volunteer, you can help us with our website or sponsorship management
  •  As an off-site volunteer with a flair for writing and design, you can make our newsletter
  • You can write about us in your local newspapers and magazines, after visiting with us


  • As a photographer, you can focus on our projects within your own documentary project
  • As an artist, you can find inspiration here and teach students your skills in your medium
  • You can raise our profile and your own at the same time, using our content and location


  • You can help organize tour groups here to visit us, or you can help bring us to your city
  • Our skilled ritual specialists will make sand mandalas, perform pujas for your group
  • You can book us to do a tour of your home region, at different faith and cultural centers
  • We will travel anywhere to help you establish peaceful, harmonious conditions, ritually
Kagbeni & Monastery
Kagbeni, located at the entrance of Upper Mustang, just half an hour ride by jeep from Jomsom is an oasis with its apple and apricot orchards and barley fields, vibrant with color standing against the vast landscape of silver gray river, stones and stark, brown cliffs on the edge of the Kali Gandaki River. Here on the precipice of a steep cliff and bordered by the Kali Gandaki and the Dzong Khola rivers, sits the Kag Chode Thupten Samphel Ling Monastery founded by the renowned Sakya scholar, Tenpa Gyalsten of Tibet in 1429. The monastery being the center of spiritual life for the local community, who live here, has been well cared for during the past 570 years. Until the middle of the 18th century this monastery housed nearly 100 monks from twelve different surrounding villages practicing Dharma and keeping alive Tibetan Buddhism. Local economic condition and the lack of school and health care facilities have forced many village people to take their families and relocate to larger villages or eventually go to Pokhara, Kathmandu or India leaving the village and more importantly, the monastery with only a few senior monks, too old to leave.